Digital Scrapbooking Classes

Ready to take your digi-scrapbooking skills to the next level?

Secrets of Terrific Type

Take your digital projects up a notch with Secrets of Terrific Type. In this self-paced class Jenifer Juris will show you how to create beautiful lettering and stunning word art that captivates and inspires. Before you know it, you’ll be creating gorgeous type you can be proud of.

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Qwiklearn Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

Whether you're just getting started in digital scrapbooking or are self taught and want to fill in the gaps in your education, the Qwiklearn Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Class will help you get up to speed FAST and become the confident, competent digital scrapbooker you deserve to be.

This self-paced class will take you where you want to go and is available for Photoshop Elements 11 to 2018, and Photoshop CS6 through Creative Cloud.

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Cluster Queen

Become a Cluster Queen (or King)—someone who can create a beautiful cluster with skill and confidence—without agonizing over the process.

In this class I’ll show you my revolutionary 3-step process for learning how to create an awesome cluster every time.

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Cluster Queen

Design Beautiful Pages

Experience the delight of designing beautiful pages you LOVE and are proud to share with others!
This class has a total of 12 modules, each featuring a deep dive into how to master a specific design style. Join us for a great adventure in upping your scrapbooking game!

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Design Beautiful Pages

Selections 1: Master the Basics

If you’ve ever wished you were better at selecting something out of a photo or if you’ve ever envied the artistic effects of scrapbookers who use selections well, now’s your chance to expand your skills!

This class is Part 1 of a three-part class series on mastering selections by Jen White.
(Classes in this series sold separately)

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Selections 1-200x200

Selections 2: Powerful Selection Techniques

Take your selection skills to the next level with Selections Part 2, Powerful Selection Techniques. With each new technique you’ll have the opportunity to practice on several fun “real-life” projects!

This class is Part 2 of a three-part class series on mastering selections by Jen White.
(Classes in this series sold separately)

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Selections 2-200x200

Actions: Fix Photos Fast!

Use Photoshop (and Photoshop Elements) Actions to streamline your photo editing process and get a better end result. This class includes 36 photo editing actions and two BONUS classes on incorporating the Amazing Camera Raw into your editing workflow and on Editing Without Actions, for those times when you can’t use an action.

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Actions: Enhance Photos Fast!

Download 150+ must-have Photo Enhancing Actions for your Toolkit. Your photos can look great in seconds! PLUS—you can add artistic effects, such as enhanced color, vintage, fun and funky, and more!

This class also provides video training with inspirational before and after examples, ideas for using the actions, plus bonus training on how to organize actions.

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Actions Enhance Photos Fast!

The Art of Blending

Turn your photos into beautiful art with this self-paced class by Linda Sattgast.

Linda will lead you step-by-step through the process of using Photoshop blend modes to transform your photos from ordinary to amazing! (For Photoshop and Elements)

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A Year of Cards

There’s nothing like a personalized card to make your friends and family feel loved and affirmed!

In this class you can create a year of personalized cards for the people you love in 1 to 3 weeks and enjoy holidays and special events all year without feeling frazzled or stressed! For Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.
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A Year of Cards

Custom Shadow Mastery 1 & 2

Take your scrapbooking to a new level by becoming a master at creating exquisite custom drop shadows!

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Custom Shadow Mastery 1

Picture Perfect Gift Books

Give a handcrafted, personalized book as a gift and you’ll wow and amaze the recipient every time. And best of all, it's fast and easy to create.

Your loved ones will cherish their book for the rest of their life—and every time they look at it, they'll think about YOU.

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Picture Perfect Gift Books

Help for Heritage Photos

In this self-paced class, I’ll show you step-by-step how to preserve and breathe new life into your heritage photos by scanning and fixing them.

And just what is a heritage photo? It’s any photo that needs to be scanned. (I’m willing to bet you have some of those!)

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Help for Heritage Photos

All Season Snow Globe

Fun and unique ways of scrapping your family photos await you!

This updated class with all new templates will explore many ways to use glass globes to knock your family's socks off all year round.

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All Season Snow Globe Class

The Savvy Stasher

Eke every ounce of goodness out of every kit—even the elements you aren’t crazy about at first. Feel empowered as you think outside the box with your scrapbooking. (Free Sample Lesson!)

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Here’s what class members have said about Linda’s classes:

New To Digital Scrapbooking:

“Being totally new to PSE I have been having ‘Aha!’ moments every few minutes! My family has now given up worrying that something is wrong when they hear me squealing “Woohoo!”
Helen Ash,
England, UK

Experienced Digital Scrapbooker:

“I have wow moments every time I watch a video, and I have been digiscrapping since 2005.”
Ngaire McPherson
Oxford, New Zealand

“Even though I have been a digital scrapper for 3 years and watched many tutorials from you and others, I am still learning basic things!!!! Hooray!!”
Becky Leppard
Orlando, FL

“I have had so many AHA moments, NO WAY moments, REALLY! moments, AWESOME moments and I-can’t-believe-that-I-can-do-that moments since I started this class. These tutorials are fantastic. I would say I’m self taught, but that wouldn’t be quite true as I have followed along with Premier for a couple of years.”
Renee Diprose
St Albert, Alberta, Canada

Creative Team Member:

“I’ve been using elements since version 4. I was self taught and also I have used your previous training cd’s, but I’m still learning lots from this class.”
Lynda Choquette (funwithpics)
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

New To CS5:

“I am new to CS5 and was having so much trouble trying to learn how to set everything up. This class is wonderful. Thank you!”
Patty Alexander
Keller, Texas