Do People Gasp At Your Custom Shadows
Because They’re Awful…Or Because They’re Amazing?

Make Every Page Worth Admiring By Becoming
A Master At Creating Exquisite Custom Drop Shadows

Hi—I’m Linda Sattgast, and I use at least one custom shadow on almost every scrapbook page I make. That’s because adding a custom drop shadow to a digital page instantly takes it up a notch—if you do it right. If you don’t, let’s just say it doesn’t do your scrapbook page any favors.

Action packed Custom Shadow Mastery Part 1 Class will take your scrapbooking game to a new level as you learn the skills that make your pages look their best.

Custom Shadow Mastery Part 1


Custom Shadow Mastery Part 1 is for you if you:

  • Struggle making good custom shadows
  • Want to learn additional artistic shadow techniques
  • Want even easier custom shadows with my new Custom Shadow Actions that do the shadow warping for you!

Shadow Action

Get Instant Feedback With My Quick Reference Guide

You’re going to love this collection of custom shadows featuring most of the elements you use all the time on your pages!

Locate an element (ordered alphabetically) on the Visual Custom Shadow Guide and click to view a “before” and “after” image. Click a video link to see precisely how it was done by an expert.

For some of the examples, I’ve invited two other experts to demonstrate their favorite custom shadow methods, which will give you ideas and options you may not have considered.

“I learned about custom shadows before, so initially I thought I ‘knew it all.’ So glad I enrolled in this class as I soon learned I didn’t know it all! Thank-you for your excellent teaching.”

Diane from Victoria, Australia

“I think this class is one of the best classes ever. The lessons are so easy to follow and these shadow actions make it a breeze.”

Rose Leontini
Fremont, California

Make Yummy Clusters and Artistic Pages

Want to get more artistic with custom shadows? Let me show you how to give the illusion of depth in ways that give the eyes a visual feast. I’ll show you how to create clusters and pages that delight you and your family, and no one but you needs to know how easy it is!

Cluster with Photo Frame

Get Started Now

Module 1: Think Like A Drop Shadow (6 videos for Elements, 7 videos for Photoshop)

  • Get really good at custom shadows by becoming a “Shadow Detective.”
  • Make the right shadow decisions for YOUR style!
  • Learn two ways of creating a custom shadow manually.
  • Download and install my Custom Drop Shadow actions to create custom shadows with the click of a button! (Works in all version of Photoshop and from Photoshop Elements 11 or later.)
  • Learn some great tips for using and adjusting actions.
  • If you have Photoshop, learn how to use the Warp tool to create fast easy custom shadows.

Module 2: Paper Shadows (6 videos for Elements, 7 videos for Photoshop)

  • Finally—conquer the Smudge tool! (I’ll make it easy for you.)
  • Learn special tips and tricks for giving papers (including vellum and folded papers) a great custom shadow.
  • Create awesome paper strip custom shadows!
  • Download my Paper Strip Custom Shadow actions that make fabulous paper strips a breeze.

Module 3: Shadows For Elements (Over 60 videos!)

  • Add double custom shadows to the right elements to make them lusciously 3D!
  • Use the Dodge and Burn tools to add realism to elements (especially ribbon).
  • Learn which elements should NOT have a drop shadow. (Don’t make your page look “off” by adding a shadow to these elements.)
  • Enjoy my Shadow Directory: Over 60 images and videos to show you how I create custom shadows for various kinds of elements, from leaves to ribbons to flowers and more.
  • Over 20 of the videos also show more than one designer creating the custom shadow so you get a feel for various ways to do the same thing.
  • The Shadow Directory alone would be worth the entire price of this class! It will give you the confidence you need to use a custom shadow on just about any element.

    Ribbon Custom Shadow Example

Module 4: Cluster Shadows (3 videos)

  • Learn my method for putting together yummy looking clusters. After making the cluster, I show you how to use a combination of regular and custom shadows to make it look oh, so real!
  • For the occasions when one element is over more than one background with different distances, I’ll show you an easy way to compensate and make your shadow look amazing.
  • I’ll demonstrate a variety of cluster page styles that will give you the confidence to create cluster pages yourself.

Class Overview:

  • More than 75 videos from a custom shadow expert (and junkie!) who can show you exactly how it’s done
  • The skills to create shadows that you’ll be able to use on virtually every digital page you create to instantly improve how they look
  • Actions to make custom shadows click-of-a-button easy (for PSE11 and higher and Photoshop, or the skills to do it manually in any version)
  • Yummy clusters that use a combination of regular and custom shadows to reach out of the page at you

Isn’t it time to master this indispensable digi skill?

“I must say that this class is outstanding! I am learning so much and I find myself watching the videos going, “Oh, duh!! Why didn’t I think to do that?!” Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us how to make our shadows more real – It gives me a whole new love for this hobby!”

Jenifer Juris
Sunnyside, Washington

Custom Shadow Cluster

Self-Paced Class

Custom Shadow Mastery Part 1 is a self-paced class, so you can get going right away, and work through the material as fast or as slowly as you want!

Instructions are for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements
and are Mac and Windows Friendly

Class lessons are taught via video in an online classroom and come with the transcripts and step-by-step written instructions in PDF format.

The videos are pre-recorded, so you can watch them on your schedule when it’s convenient for you. If you’re on the go and have a few minutes, you can watch the videos on any smart phone or tablet that has access to internet.

All class materials are downloadable as well.

“Whew! I just finished watching both Module 1 and 2 and all I can say is wow! I shall go forth and create shadows with confidence! What a tremendous amount of work you put into this, Linda — thank you so much! Plus thank you for all the actions — what a time saver!”

Barb Brookbank
Alberta, Canada

You Have Forever Access

Remember, you have “Forever Access” to all classes at Digital Scrapper. That means you can go online at any time to view or download the video lessons and step-by-step manuals.

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“I asked myself, what could a class on just ‘shadows’ offer? What a surprising, eye opener class this has been to me. The presentation was so organized and easy to follow. The videos are terrific, short, sharp, to the point and packed with information. With the format, I keep going back to replay the lessons and keep learning something new each time.”

Sandy Baeza
Matthews, North Carolina

Don’t hesitate—give yourself the gift of learning with my Custom Shadow Mastery classes!

Love and scrapbooking success,

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