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    Default Rough-edged Alpha Tutorial

    Brenda (Fox 57) got me inspired to make my own alpha, and when I saw Jenny's Little Mermaid LO (, I liked the font used for the WA so much, I dug through my fonts until I found one that was close. That, and the coloration, are the two similarities. I stumbled onto a grunging-up technique that I liked. My sample is in the gallery ( I put a black band behind the lower halves of the samples for the sake of seeing how they look with light or dark BGs.

    Choose a font. I used LongCoolWoman, Bold, Size 125

    Type out your alphabet plus numbers, symbols, and desired shapes with any dark color.

    Right click on the Layers Panel and choose Simplify Layer.

    CTRL click on the letter layer to get marching ants around the letters.

    Filter>Brush Strokes>Sprayed Strokes

    I used these settings, but experiment to see what you like:
    Stroke length = 0
    Spray radius = 9
    Stroke direction = horizontal

    With the Magic Wand, (contiguous UNchecked), select the white and delete it.

    Drag a background paper of your choice over the letters. In my top example, I used one of Veronica Spriggs, "In His World" papers. The lower example is one of the papers from the Watercolor Wonder kit (Digital Scrapbook Artisan Guild) by Dee Bee Designs.

    CTRL + G to group the paper to the letters (if you want to control where the pattern goes, lower the opacity of the paper and move it around until it is where you want it). A multi-color paper works well, especially if it is uneven, as with a watercolor look.

    Play with the saturation (Ctrl + U, or Enhance>Adjust Color>Adjust Hue/Saturation) and blending modes (found in the Layers Panel just above your top layer).

    In my samples I increased the saturation and applied the Linear Dodge blending modes.

    I hope my instructions are clear and accurate. If you find errors, please let me know so I can edit them.
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    Love it! Thanks for sharing... we're getting some great alphas this week!
    Jan Walker

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    I can't wait to try this! Really neat looking.

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    Thanks, i can't wait to try some

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