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    Default Split Frame Masks & Elements

    Split Frame Masks

    Open a new document (File>New>Blank File) Set the size to 12 x 12, RGB Color, 300 dpi with white background. In the layers palette click Create a New Layer icon to get a transparent layer over your white background. Set color chips to black and white. Use the shape picker to select the shape for your mask (or you can use a brush). I used a heart brush I had made. If you use the shape picker you will need to simplify the layer by targeting it in the layers palette and then right click and choose Simplify Layer. Again click Create a New Layer to get a transparent layer above your mask shape. Select the brush tool (color chips should still be set to black & white) and pick a shape from the shape picker or use a brush. I’m using Scrapper’s Guide floral flourish brushes. With your new blank layer targeted stamp where you want your shape to be – half on / half off the mask (heart) shape. For now you won’t be able to see your shape inside the mask layer because both are black. If your flourish or shape is somewhat transparent you need to go to the layers palette and Cntl Click on the shape to get marching ants around it – then with black still your foreground color, hit Alt / Delete once or twice to fill it with black. Then Cntl D to deselect. Then hit Cntl J to duplicate the shape. Hide the visibility of this duplicated layer by clicking on the (eye) icon to the left of the shape in the layers palette. Then target your visible shape (the one directly above the mask shape). Move down to the mask (heart) and Cntl Click the shape to get the marching ants and hit delete. Next target the mask (heart) layer in the layers palette, move up to the top flourish shape (hidden one) and Cntl Click on the shape to get marching ants, then hit delete. Once you have done this you can then move this invisible layer to the trash. Select the visible flourish, right click and select Merge Down. You now have a split frame mask. You can put words on the mask or how ever you like by following the steps above, each time making a duplicate of the flourish or words, hiding the top layer and going through the steps above. After mine was merged I then used the eraser tool and picked some Scrapper’s Guide Grunge brushes and clicked a few places inside the shape to make it look a little grunged. That’s optional. Hide the bottom White Background Layer in the layers palette by clicking the eye icon and save your new mask as a PNG file by clicking File: Save As. You can also make a brush if you’d like.
    Here are some samples of brushes I made using this technique. It’s really fun.

    If you want to add words like I did on this sample (but you don’t want the photo masked into the words you will want to merge your photo with the heart mask before you add the words. Then go through the steps above with the words and merge them with the heart. That way the words (outside) the heart will remain solid without being a part of the mask. They are pretty neat alone without being used as a photo mask too.

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    How did I do this time Shar? Live and learn. B

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