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    Default Marking Orbs ... Part2

    Well I have been asked how did I make the base to my orb so I though I would share that with you too ...

    ... its really quite easy to do.

    All you do is make your orb using this tutorial:

    Then use the Elliptical Marquee to select it
    Next do Edit>Copy then Edit>Paste to put it on its own layer and call the new layer Orb1
    Then use the Move Tool to make the Orb 1 smaller (just to give you some space around the orb ... or you can enlarge your canvas if you prefer)
    Add a new layer to your image Layer>New Layer, fill it with a suitable colour and drag it below your Orb 1 Layer

    Now duplicate the Orb1 layer. Layer>Duplicate Layer
    Select the Move Tool and click on the Orb
    When the Bounding Box comes up just select the handle in the middle at the top and drag it down ... carry on doing that until it looks like a flat disk.
    Make sure that this new layer is below the Orb 1 layer and you will then have a neat little base for your orb

    ... and there you go

    If you make any orbs then do post a link here

    so that we can all take a look at them

    As with any tutorial you can change all sorts of things and make your finished image different. So take this as a starting point and most of all remember to experiment & enjoy

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    Thank you for the info
    PSE 5 & 12,
    PSPX, windows 7, IE10

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