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    Our family has a private blog - just another way to share what's going on in our day-to-day lives and it has turned out to be very fun. So because I have an addictive personality (when it comes to digi stuff) I started my own (private at the moment) blog where I have uploaded all of my best layouts plus a slideshow of some of my photography. Now my family can view them when and if they ever want to and I don't have to be sending them stuff all the time! Also, I thought it might be a safe place to store my layouts, at least there would be a visual reference in the event that something happened to my computer, two EHD's, (or me). I'm not sure how long Blogger (Google) keeps stuff if you're not active - that's something I haven't quite figured out yet. Does anyone else do anything similar?
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    Blogging is fun, I'm like you, mine started though to share some craft projects with other like minded people so instead of clogging up their email with attachments, the blog was born.

    I actually put my layouts on photobucket and link it across to my blog because I found when I put my photos IN my actual blog it was mucking my paragraph spacing about. They've probably righted that now, but it's just become habit for me to put my pages on photobucket.

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    I started one, but it didn't last long. Made banners for myself and a few people also.

    We kind of went the Facebook route. Don't have the authorities wide open though, just friends. Found it was easier to do that. Can post LO's and pics to that. So many people have Smart phones these days they are just taking photos with their cameras and upload them on the spot to FB, so it's easy, quick and immediate wherever you are. It's fun seeing the updates and posts and pics of all of the nieces/nephews, their kids and everyone else. The first day of school it was loaded with kids pics.

    Personally, I like the bloggs, but don't have the time to do it. Have fun!
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    When I started digital scrapbooking I was using papers and elements that I either purchased or downloaded for free. At some point I decided to try creating my own elements and papers so that my layouts would be entirely my own creation. However, once I began designing, I started contributing to Members' Kits at RAKScraps and eventually offered my designs for free download on my blog, Lilybelle Scraps. Unfortunately, I became so addicted to the designing part of scrapbooking that the number of personal layouts I've created has dwindled dramatically. I really love blogging and reading the comments left by my visitors. It definitely IS limiting my production of layouts and I know I should let the blog go, but like all addicts, it's a decision I'm not ready to make just yet.

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    I have a blog but the only ones that come see it is when I have a free quickpage I've made for the designer I CT for. I suppose I somehow can remind family to visit my blog occasionally.Now I have started a 2nd blog for the 365 Photowalk & I am in process of learning how to use the google reader to follow all the blogs in the challenge. Very fun & interesting
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    I do have a blog and for a short time I added things frequently ... but nowadays I only add to it occasionally ..

    ... very occasionally

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    To make a blog is one of my goals for this year. The videos from DS have been a great help. I'm guessing they can be made completely private? I would only want my family to view it.

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    I use Blogspot. In the settings, I decline to have the blog searchable by Google. I have found a backdoor into the blog, however. If I search my name, it comes up on the blogs where I have comments. If that blog has a link to my blog, I can connect. So nothing is entirely secure.

    I don't know how Wordpress or others handle privacy.
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