About Automatic Monthly Payments

Can I Cancel Anytime I Want?

Yes! You may cancel at any time by clicking on an unsubscribe link in your member area. The cancellation will take effect the next time your billing cycle comes around, so you can continue to enjoy member privileges until then. (Sorry, cancellations are not retroactive.)

What Financial Institution Do You Use?

There are many sound financial institutions, and Authorize.net, our payment processor, is one of them. It’s been in business since 1996 and serves over 220,000 merchants. Authorize.net keeps the credit card information on their site and all we get at Digital Scrapper are the last 4 digits of the number, which can sometimes be helpful when we’re discussing an order with someone who has more than one credit card and can’t remember which one they used.


PayPal, a name that is well known and trusted online, can provide the same service as Authorize.net. Our cart is set up to offer PayPal as a method of payment. Simply set up an account with PayPal and give them a credit card number to use for your transactions. With a credit card, the transaction goes through immediately or within about 30 seconds.

PayPal can also connect to your checking account for a monthly recurring payment.


As merchants, we’ve been members of PayPal for many years, so we know first hand how reliable they are. If you need to contact them for anything, they are very easy to reach. They even supply phone numbers where you can talk to a live person. Our experience on the phone with PayPal representatives is that they are courteous and helpful, and they’ve promptly taken care of any problem.

Also, as any merchant who offers PayPal as a form of payment can tell you, they are an advocate for their members. If you have a dispute about a charge, they will go to bat for you!