Commercial and Personal Use Policy

Digital Scrapper Commercial Use For Kits and QuickAlbums

All products sold at Digital are for personal use only, unless you purchase a Limited Commercial Use License, which is available for many items in our Digital Scrapper Store.

If you have purchased a Limited Commercial Use License, please read the Terms of Use agreement below.

Limited Commercial Use License

This license is available for small or home businesses, such as photographers, scrap-for-hire, card makers, etc. This license is not intended for large businesses or re-distributors. A separate license is required for each individual Digital Scrapper product purchased.



  1. Use Premier or class products in your photography and/or home/small business to create custom cards, layouts, framed art, etc. for your clients provided they only receive final flattened versions of the product (i.e. no psd files, no individual papers or elements, etc.).
  2. Create a custom book, such as a school year book or sports team album, where interested parties pay any amount of money for their own copies, whether you profit from it or not. Limited Commercial License is not needed if you give a free copy to participants. In either case, proper credit for the designer(s) and must be placed somewhere in the book.
  3. Post samples of your creations on a website, store, gallery, or portfolio.
  4. Use the graphics in your web design projects as long as you purchase a separate commercial license for each site where the graphics are used AND you post credit for the designer of the kit(s) and on the website, e.g. graphics by Linda Sattgast at
  5. Use these graphics on eBay provided you give credit to the designer and


  1. Distribute these products in any form except for the uses defined above.
  2. Claim these graphics as your own either in their original state, or in an altered state.
  3. Distribute these graphics in any format except for the uses defined above.
  4. Design templates, cards, albums, invites, quickpages, etc. with these graphics to sell on any CD, website, eBay or in any other form.
  5. Sell individual items from a kit or create your own kit from the graphics to sell.
  6. Sell these graphics in their purchased format (i.e. sell individual pieces).
  7. Produce projects for mass production or distribution without specific written permission from Digital Scrapper. This license allows for small business use only.
  8. Print, or have these papers printed, for sale or distribution via internet, kits, retail locations, or any other venue.
  9. Share these files with friends, family, etc. Please direct them to to purchase their own copies.

These Terms are subject to change without notification.

Limitation of Liability

These video lessons and graphics are provided on an as-is basis. Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall Digital Scrapper or its contractors and suppliers be responsible for any damages or losses that result from the use of or inability to use these graphics, video clips, or documentation.