How to Use the Daily Life Template System

By Susie Roberts

Whether you’re a seasoned digital scrapbooker or just a beginner, these short Daily Life Template System videos will help you understand how each of the Daily Life products work. You can find them in our Digital Scrapper Store here.

1 – Daily Life Templates Introduction

An explanation of what products are available, how they match up with each other, and where to find them in our store.


2 – Daily Life Templates User Guide

There are three Daily Life Templates and they all work the same way. Watch this video to get a greater understanding of how to use them.


3 – Daily Life Pockets and Stitching User Guide

Easily add stitching or plastic pockets on top of your Daily Life Template photo masks using these simple instructions.


4 – Daily Life Stitched Grids User Guide

If you prefer stitching in-between your masks, instead of on top, then watch this video to see how easy it is to add the stitching grid to your template, and then remove the parts that you don’t need.


5 – Daily Life Journal Card Templates User Guide

The Journal Card Templates are completely customisable. Learn how to select the layers you want from the Journal Card Template and then add them to the corresponding mask on the Daily Life Template.


6 – Daily Life Partitions User Guide

Want a heap of smaller photos on the one photo mask? There’s a Partitions product that matches each of the three Daily Life Templates. The Partitions are grid-style frames that fit perfectly on top of their corresponding Daily Life Template masks.