Get some great tips on how to use Wacom’s “Bamboo” pen/touch tablets!

Bamboo-webThe webinar below was recorded on November 23, 2009
Presenters: Linda Sattgast from Scrapper’s Guide with Wes Maggio from Wacom

Find out more about the Bamboo™ Craft.
Check out Wacom’s Penscrapper’s website.

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Wes Maggio introduces the new line of Wacom Bamboo™ tablets and gives some tips on using a tablet and adjusting the settings to fit your needs.

Intro to the Wacom Tablet (Video)

In the following videos, Linda demonstrates the versatility of the Wacom Bamboo pen & tablet in a series of five short tutorials.

Tip 1: Making Selections

Selection Techniques with the Wacom Tablet (Video)

Tip 2: Drawing Doodles

Making Doodles with the Wacom Tablet (Video)

Tip 3: Creating Flourishes

Making Flourishes with the Wacom Tablet (Video)

Tip 4: Metal Wire Word

Fancy Handwriting with the Wacom Tablet (Video)

.Tip 5: Photo Painting

Watercolor Effect on a Photo with the Wacom Tablet (Video)

.Question and Answer Session
Linda and Wes answer your questions about the Wacom Bamboo Pen & Tablet.

Questions and Answers about the Wacom Tablet (Video)