Scrap 15 Boogie

Introducing the Scrap 15 Boogie from Digital Scrapper

I want to help you get your classes finished. For that reason, I’ve created the Scrap 15 Boogie, exclusively at Digital Scrapper.

If you can spare me 15 minutes per day, for 5 days in a row, you will be AMAZED — not only to see progress, but to feel a huge sense of accomplishment.


Use the Scrap 15 Boogie
to Create a Snowball Effect



Here’s How Scrap 15 Boogie Works

  • Identify your smallest unfinished class. Login and see your classes now.
  • Using just 15 minutes per day—for five days in a row—work on that smallest class.
  • When you’re finished with that class, download your completion certificate and experience a great sense of accomplishment.
You’re on a roll! You’re energized! You’re in the groove!
  • Next, start multiplying your renewed energy by tackling your next smallest unfinished class.
As you go, your sense of accomplishment and drive to succeed will build, creating a snowball effect.

We're In This Together


When Does the Scrap 15 Boogie Start?

  • Option 1: Watch our weekly newsletter for notification on Boogie Week (our 5 day push). This is the 5 days per month that we all get together and get things done!
  • Option 2: You decide when you want to start, then track your progress for 5 consecutive days.


We Want To Celebrate Your Success

During Boogie Week, did you finish a class? Get a photo book finished? Complete that scrapbook page that you’ve been working on for days on end? We want to know about it!


Questions about Scrap 15 Boogie? Contact Customer Support.