“A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine”

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Nann-bio-aug-2013-web“A stitch in time, saves nine” is a common American proverb. It means that if you have a rip in your clothes, you will only have to stitch once; unless you wait until it gets bigger, and then you will have to stitch nine times more. What does this have to do with digital scrapbooking? Well, I am all about saving time. And, when it comes to stitches, I have found a way that is easy, looks good, and is almost quicker than going to find a pre-made set of stitching to use. Are you interested? Well, let me show you what I mean.


Step One: Prepare Your Workspace

  • Open an existing multi-layered scrapbook page (File > Open).
  • In the Layers panel, activate the layer to which you want to add the stitching.

Here is the layout I want to work on. I think it is just crying out for some stitching! dst-stich-in-time-01

Step Two: Type Some Dashes

  • Get the Horizontal Type tool.
  • In the Tool Options, open the Font Picker and choose Arial. Set the Size to around 33 pts. Click on the Left Align Text icon and choose a color that is a few shades darker than the paper on which you want the stitches.

Note: I found that the size of a dash in different fonts varied greatly. If you choose Arial, the size of your dashes will match mine. My paper is a tan color (Hex Code #ac997b), and I choose Hex Code #695d4b for my stitching color.

  • On the document, click once and begin typing a line of dashes.
  • Click on the checkmark to commit the type.

dst-stich-in-time-02 Note: The Style we will be using on the stitching applies a white shadow to the dashes. For that reason, white or light colored papers do not work well with this technique.

Step Three: Create and Apply the Embossed Style

Photoshop Elements Users

This tutorial requires the ability to create Styles using Blend Modes. Photoshop Elements does not offer this option, so I’ve provided a work around for you. Download the DS-Embossed-Stitching.asl file by clicking on the image below. dst-stich-in-time-04

  • Install the Style. You can find instruction for how to install the style for your version of Photoshop Elements here.
  • Click on the NDalton-Stitching Style to apply it to your Type layer.

 Photoshop Users

  • In the Layers panel, make sure that your Type layer is still active.
  • In the Menu Bar, choose Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow.
  • In the dialog box, choose Normal for the Blend Mode, set the Color to white, the Opacity to 90%, the Angle to 90°, the Distance to 2 px, the Spread to 1%, and the Size to 1 px.
  • Click on the New Style button, enter Embossed Stitching for the Name, and click OK.
  • Click OK again to close the Layer Style dialog box.

TA DA! I told you! It is so easy. I had so much fun that I added stitching all over my layout. I even applied the Style to my title to give it a fun embossed look.

dst-stich-in-time-05 Note: For instructions on how to create a circular stitch, check out Jen White’s Tutorial, “Connecting the Dots.”  Premier Members can access it here.

Credits: Digi Scrap Tutorial: “A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine” by Nannette Dalton
Layout: So Funny by Nannette Dalton
Kit: Rule the School by Julie Billingsley (2012 Costco Goodies)
Cardstock-Lunch Bag by Susie Roberts
Layered Dates Set 3 by Cindy Schneider
Fonts: Arial, DJB Bailey

Download this Digi Scrap Tutorial

9 Responses

  1. Vivian
    | Reply

    I really like this tutorial. Thank you for the style work around for PSE users.

    • Nannette Dalton
      | Reply

      You are so welcome Vivian. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Charlotte Roberts
    | Reply

    Beautiful! Works like a charm and soooOOOOooooo quick’n’easy. Thank you, Nanette! (I used it with Photoshop and applied it to other shapes too. Looks like a crazy seamstress has been attacking my test page, ha).

  3. Jenifer J (rfeewjlj)
    | Reply

    Oooo! I love this! Thanks for the style!! I used it to make a page and will post it later today or tomorrow!! 🙂 Thx, Nann – this is great! 🙂

    • Nannette Dalton
      | Reply

      Great! I will look for it. I love your work.

  4. Sharronn
    | Reply

    Thank you. This is so wonderfully simple.

  5. plm1
    | Reply

    Thanks so much! I am anxious to try it. I really appreciate the tutorials with the newsletters. They make me eager to scrapbook!

  6. Tammy Graf
    | Reply

    I love the freedom that this tutorial gives me in stitching up anything. Stitching does add a lot to almost any page. Thanks!

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