Make Your Own Washi Tape

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Nannette Dalton picDo you like to use Washi tape? I am finding a lot of layouts lately that really appeal to my eye, and the element they have in common is Washi tape.

Over the past year or so Washi (or paper) tape has become really popular in paper scrapping. What is it? Well, it comes from Japan. It is a paper tape that comes in pretty colors and patterns. It comes on a roll like a regular sticky tape and it is often translucent.

Unlike the paper scrapbooking community, we can make unlimited digital “rolls” of this tape. And if we use papers from a kit, we know that our “tape” will match whatever we are working on.

Want to learn how? Okay! Let’s do it!

Tutorial:This complete Digi Scrap Tutorial is available to our Digital Scrapper Premier Members. If you're a member, please take a moment to log in, then just come back here and refresh this page. Not a Premier Member? Find out more information here.

Step One: Open and Prepare Your Layout

  • Begin with a nearly finished scrapbook page.
  • Press the letter D to reset the Color Chips to the Default of black and white.

Step Two: Create Your Tape Size

Because we cannot rotate the Eraser tool in Photoshop Elements, you will need to create your tape vertically for this tip to work. You can always rotate it as you please after you're done. (Photoshop does have the ability to rotate the Eraser, but I will not cover that in this tutorial.)

  • In the Tool Bar, get the Rectangle tool.
  • In the Options Bar, click on the down-facing arrow to open the Geometry Options and choose Unconstrained.
  • In the Options Bar, click on the Create New Shape Layer icon. (Photoshop: Also click on the Shape Layer icon.)
  • On your scrapbook page, click and drag out the size you want your tape to be. Make sure your rectangle is vertical, not horizontal. See image below.

Note: I have different sizes on my layout, but for a 12 X 12 layout, the dimensions of 2.5" X .5" are a good general size for Washi tape. You can actually buy the real Washi tape in widths of ¼" to 2 ½", so keep that in mind.

  • In the Menu Bar, choose Layer > Simplify Layer. (Photoshop: Choose Layer > Rasterize > Shape.)

Step Three: Erase the Edges

  • In the Tool Bar, get the Eraser tool.
  • In the Options Bar, open the Brush Picker and choose the Faux Finish Brushes from the drop down menu.
    (Photoshop: Open the Brush Picker, open the flyout menu, choose Faux Finish Brushes and click OK.)
  • Choose the Texture Comb 1 brush.
  • In the Options Bar, increase the Size to around 250px. (Photoshop: Adjust the Size in the Brush Picker.)
  • Mode should say Brush and the Opacity should be 100%. (Photoshop: Flow should be 100%.)
  • Erase the top and bottom of your tape to create a jagged looking edge.

Step Four: Reduce the Opacity & Add Paper

Here is a layout I made using my digital Washi Tape. I would love to see yours in the Digi Scrap Tutorial Gallery.

Digi Scrap Tutorial: Make Your Own Washi Tape by Nannette Dalton
Layout by Nannette Dalton
Kits: A Mother's Heart by Susan Bartolini, previously available to Premier Members May 2012
Background paper recolored from A Legacy of Love by Kristin Cronin-Barrow, previously available to Premier Members July 2011
Brushes used from the kit Sugar and Spice by Digital Scrapper Designs
Every Day Matters (Word art) by T for Me Designs
Font: DJBMissFloraMaeBell

Download this Digi Scrap Tutorial

13 Responses

  1. Lori

    How simple and fun! Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea and detailed instructions.

  2. Beckib

    Nann, Thanks so much for this lesson on making washi tape. I noticed that on your page the tape looks like it has taken on some of the “bulk” of the item it is taping to the page — where it goes over the edge of the frame for example. How did you do that? Was it with blending or with the dodge and burn tools? It looks very realistic.

    • Nannette Dalton

      Beckieb, Part of that comes from lowering the opacity I also did burn a little bit of the edges of around the frame with the Burn tool.

  3. KathysScraps

    Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. I will be using it.

  4. Tammy

    Great tutorial. Thank you!!

  5. Barb

    Love this! Thanks, Nann!

  6. Jan in Alberta

    This is a sweet little tut! Thanks so much. I just made several templates in different sizes to save for later.

    • Nannette Dalton

      Jan, what a great idea. Glad you could use the tutorial. Thank you for the kind words.

  7. Andrea Graves


    This is awesome! Thank you so much! 🙂

  8. Andrea Graves

    p.s. your example page is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Rikki Donovan

    I absolutely love your page. The colors are gorgeous and the tape is THE finishing touch!

  10. Sonesta Smith

    Where is the tutorial? All I see is the “let’s do it.” and then nothing else. Is there a link I’m missing? Thanks 🙂

    • Nann

      Sonesta right under the part that says “let’s do it” you will find how to get the rest of this tutorial.
      “This complete Digi Scrap Tutorial is available to our Digital Scrapper Premier Members. If you’re a member, please take a moment to log in, then just come back here and refresh this page. Not a Premier Member? Find out more information here.”
      You can get our tutorials for free when they first come out by signing up for the Newsletter. Information about that can be found at the top right of this page.
      After a few weeks the tutorial is only available if you are a premier member.
      Hope that helps.