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    Default Text Circles in PSE 5

    To create an easy text circle like the one found on my page
    Open a new file, I sized mine 12 x 12 inches. Select a nice bold font, I used Arial Black, and select your point size, I used 30 pt. Go half way down the page and type in your word or saying. Make sure it goes all the way across the page by pulling it out, it should be twice it's size. Simplify your text. Go to filter > distort > polar coordinates, check the box for rectangular polar, click okay.
    Also if you want the text to face towards you, instead of the inside of the circle like mine, before you resize it, flip the text upside down by using rotate layer 180.
    This may work in earlier versions of PSE, I only have PSE5 so I had no way of checking. Connie
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    I just tried this in PSE 4.0 on a Mac and it worked. Thanks for the tip

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    wonderful tip. Thank you

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    Thank you. i've been wondering how to do this.


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