June 20, 2017  |  Digital Scrapper News  |  Volume 15 Issue 25


I am in love with extractions. Here’s one of the many reasons:

This is a photo (below, on the left) of my son and daughter-in-law—LOVE the photo, loathe all the distracting details. The image on the right is a clip of the scrapbook page I made featuring the beautiful couple. HOORAY for selection tool knowledge!

Just yesterday I received a Help Desk message asking if there were instructions on how to create the type of extraction shown above. The answer is a bad news--good news kind of thing.

The Bad News
I cannot currently link anyone to a tutorial featuring extractions of people using Photoshop Elements (or Photoshop) selection tools and masks.

The Good News
I am currently working on a series of three selection classes that start small and build up to BIG ideas with BIG results, such as the image above on the right.

Selections Part 1 is available and on sale this week. See the details below. Selections Part 2 is coming along beautifully and is expected to be released after the summer break. Selections Part 3 will wow and impress you sometime in late 2017 or early 2018.

Ready to study the art of selections and build your skills to extract like a boss? Make sure to get Selections Part 1 under your belt before Selections Part 2 comes along.

Have a great week. See you in the galleries.

Jen White | DigitalScrapper.com



SAVE Now - Savor When You’re Ready

If you’ve ever wished you were better at selecting something out of a photo or if you’ve ever envied the artistic effects of scrapbookers who use selections well, now’s your chance to expand your skills!

This class is Part 1 of a three-part class series on mastering selections by Jen White.

(Classes in this series sold separately)

Learn more about the Selections 1: Master the Basics Class!


Learn More about the Selections 1: Master the Basics Class or Buy Now



On the Blog - Summer Inspiration

We asked our Creative Team to create a scrapbook page featuring a favorite place. Take a peek into their lives and get inspired to create your own page.

You’ll find all this on the blog—Let’s Get Inspired—June 2017


Header created from Summer Field by Natali Designs

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