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Our tutorials and classes support:

  • Photoshop Elements (last 3 versions)
  • Adobe Photoshop (subscription)

Consult specific tutorials and classes for exceptions.

Photoshop Elements and Adobe Photoshop are both good choices for digital scrapbooking. The main difference is the price. Photoshop is the gold standard of professional graphic designers and photographers. It has a lot of extra power, much of which you don’t need for routine scrapbooking, and some of which is very nice to have if you can afford the price tag of $10 per month (USD) for a subscription to Photoshop/Lightroom Creative Cloud.

What it really comes down to is finances and long term commitment. Elements can be purchased for less than $100 with no monthly ongoing fee to Adobe.

If you can afford the extra money for Adobe Photoshop, then ask yourself this question: Do I plan to do this long term, or am I just checking it out? If you aren’t sure, go with Photoshop Elements. If you feel pretty confident that working with and compositing photos will at least be a part of your life from now on, go with Photoshop if you can afford it. For most people, Photoshop really isn’t any harder to learn than Elements, but there is almost unlimited room for growth.

Elements, however, has plenty of room for growth, too, so if you go that route, you won’t be disappointed. And once you learn Elements, you’ll be able to graduate to Photoshop when you’re ready without any trouble—they work very much the same.

In the end, however, only you can decide what’s right for you!

Absolutely! We have an extensive lineup of free videos and PDF tutorials on our blog.

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The Lifetime Premier Coupon was a special discount awarded to anyone who purchased the COMPLETE 2016 Premier year from Linda Sattgast at the end of 2015. If you are a Lifetime Premier Coupon holder, you will find your benefits and discount code in your QwikLearn classroom.



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Providing notification and the opportunity to download classes or Premier issues comprises the sole responsibility of Jen White and its agents, members, or employees for Forever Access products.

The Short Version:

Skills Taught In Our Training Videos

The new Photoshop or Photoshop Elements skills you learn are yours to use. You do not have to give QwikLearn or your instructor credit for products you make using these skills.

Brushes, Styles, Actions, and Patterns

Occasionally Jen White, owner of QwikLearn, or other instructors include brushes, styles, actions, and patterns with their training videos. You MAY NOT share or resell them, claim them as your own, or modify them and claim them as your own. You MAY use them to create NEW graphics, word art, overlays, etc. for personal or commercial use.

If you make a physical product, such as a CD or DVD, to sell commercially you must include a credit line for QwikLearn.com in your readme file.

If you sell a downloadable product for scrapbooking or other craft use, please include a credit line in your readme file AND a mention on your item’s description page, such as “some effects by QwikLearn.com” or “Special thanks to QwikLearn.com.” A link back to QwikLearn.com would be highly appreciated.

Practice Photos and Templates

All practice photos and templates are for personal use only.


Digital Scrapper’s Community is a place for creatives to come together for inspiration and support as we tell the stories of ourselves and our families.

Our community is a mixture of public and private spaces. Some spaces can be viewed by the public and some cannot. Only members of Community can create, comment on, or Like posts.

To join Community, you first have to join our classroom. This helps us keep away bad guys. 
To join our classroom, first, enroll in a free course.
Then, follow the instructions for connecting your classroom to  Community.


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    • Again, this information is separate from our classroom! Sorry.

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