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Have you ever been disappointed by an element in a scrapbook kit?

Surely you have.
This happened to me just a few weeks ago.

I purchased and downloaded a new-to-me scrapbook kit. To my glorious surprise it contained a potentially good photo mask (woot!) -- you know, like the ones mentioned in Part One of my Tricky Transparency series.

But, after running ahead and clipping a photo to the mask, I found it to be a huge disappointment. There was no transparency inside the mask itself. (cry)

This week on the blog I’ll show you how to quickly overcome the disappointment of a potentially good mask by creating transparency -- the all important ingredient.

Here’s the before and after image. The “before” contains no inner transparency. The “after” does. Which one do you prefer? I personally love the varied saturation of the second image. Below you’ll find the link to the blogpost showing how to achieve this effect.

Have a great week! See you in the galleries.

Jen White |

P.S. The painterly mask above is from Follow Your Dreams -- a beautiful kit benefiting the family of Amber Shaw. The kit is no longer available.


Part Four--FREE Mask Series on the Blog

No need to throw out a potentially good mask image that failed the Transparency Test. This one simple solution will turned failed images into fanciful clipping masks. I’ll show you all the inside tricks in Part Four of my Tricky Transparency series.

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