April 25, 2017  |  Digital Scrapper News  |  Volume 15 Issue 17


Here in northern Indiana, the garage sale season has officially started. I’m stoked.

Not only do I love a bargain, I love to peek into the world of my geographical neighbors. Some surprise me at how symbol savvy they are.

For example, check out this little 10¢ tag. If you were typing up garage sale tags or signs, would you know where to find the cent symbol on your keyboard?

The thing is, it’s not there. You just have to know the the secret to finding it. Here’s a quick list of keyboard shortcuts to help you geek your journaling (and garage sale signs).

To get a cent symbol, the keyboard shortcut is logical and therefore easier to remember. On a Mac, press Opt $ (number 4). It’s logical because cents could easily be seen as the alternate of dollars.
In Windows, press Alt 0162 on a numeric keypad or copy/paste from the Character Map.

Saying 45 degrees is not nearly as geeky and cool (pun intended) as saying 45˚, right? On a Mac, press Opt K to get the degree symbol. The K stands for Kelvin. (That’s new to me!)
In Windows, the shortcut is Alt 0179.

Bullets help to keep your journaling organized and easier to read.
On a Mac, press Opt Asterisk to get one pretty bullet point (•).
In Windows, the shortcut is Alt 0149.
Because Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are not word processing programs, this shortcut will not create a bulleted list.

BTW, not all fonts on your computer will have these symbols available. For guaranteed success, stick with basic fonts like Times New Roman.

If you need additional help with these shortcuts, or to share some of your own, visit this thread in the forum.

So, now that you are savvier on your symbols, take another sip of cuppa and browse the rest of the goodies below. Have a great week.

Jen White | DigitalScrapper.com


Last Chance for the FREEBIE and Flash Sale


Last week’s newsletter was packed with three offers expiring at the end of this month. In case you missed it or forgot to take advantage, here’s your last chance.


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DANGER -- Inspiration Can Be Good...and Bad

Today, while browsing this month’s Challenge Gallery, I . . .

  • spent some money on a few suggestions for summer reading.
  • caved to a chocolate craving, all thanks to Creative Team member Renee!
  • explored a road trip to the Ozarks. LOVE the scenery.

Have you had a browse? Watch out for that chocolate page if you do!!



Scrapping your favorite(s) and posting the page(s) in our challenge gallery automatically makes you eligible to win a $25 gift certificate from GingerScraps. Get all the details on the blog - April Journaling Challenge.


New FREE Qwik Tutorial


Use the traditional black and white photo menus to their maximum power by customizing the color conversion process.

This is the second method of Jenifer’s quick Black and White Photo Series.

In this series, you’ll learn:

  • What kinds of photos make good black and white photos
  • The pros and cons of several black and white methods
  • What makes good black and white contrast and how to obtain it

A FREE Tutorial by Jenifer Juris
Black and White Photo Series – Color Conversion (Photoshop Elements Only)
Black and White Photo Series – Color Conversion (Adobe Photoshop Only)


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