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Have you ever made a midwest trek through Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana?

Today, that’s my life.

I see . . . cows. Fields. Fields. Cows. OH, hey look, there’s field of turbines. Cows.
It’s a long, dare I say, gloriously boring travel route. But, I’m returning home from a fun filled week with four of my nieces. My heart is filled to overflowing.

So, what does a girl (whose brain never shuts down) do when traveling? I listen to audiobooks and classroom videos.

Watching and listening to class videos on the go is even easier since moving our classroom because they offer a free app that lets you easily access your classroom while on the go.

Check out the Teachable app below. I’ll see you in Community.

Jen White | DigitalScrapper.com

P.S. If you still haven’t made the journey into our new classroom, contact Help Desk for details.

16 Days LeftP.P.S. There are now 16 days left until the forum and gallery at Digital Scrapper will be disconnected for ever.

Does this mean Digital Scrapper is going away? NO WAY, José. The newsletter, blog and website are sticking around. Pinky promise.

Try the Teachable App -- iPhone & iPad

As you know, last month we moved all our Forever Access classes and Premier Issues to a new classroom.

That classroom is hosted by the e-learning website Teachable.

And, one of the many benefits of Teachable is their iOS app. (Android version coming soon!)

**Known issue---classroom images do not appear. But this does not affect the play of videos.

Here’s how to get the app:

  • In the App Store, set the filter to iPhone Only. Don’t worry, the iPhone app works fine on an iPad.
  • In the search box, type in “teachable” and click Search.
  • Look for the teal icon containing a lowercase t.
  • Download and enjoy!

Download Teachable

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